Quantum Energy Healing
Quantum Energy Healing (QEH)
Acasma Quantum Energy (AQE) Sessions
A next level energy modality for the next level human


Quantum Energy Healing and AQE sessions are spaces of pure sacred healing that connect with your being on a higher consciousness level.

The sessions are 60 minutes and unfold over time.

As with all things energy as soon as you book in you’ll find the magic of energy shifting start to unfold.

Clients have shared beautiful feedback of energy shifts in their relationships, life and health as the movement of energy integrates over time.

After you book your session your receive a confirmation email with additional information and a link to the session music.

Feel free to connect in with the music link as soon as you wish.

You’ll receive a session reminder the day before and guidance on connecting.


Session Flow


*60 minute quantum energy healing session with Sarah

*Distance – remote session – this allows for all time zones

*Once your session is booked you have a window of 24 – 48 hours to connect in.

*Listen to the custom music link provided whilst connecting in or a calming piece of music of your choice if you prefer

*lay down, relax, switch off all mobile / electronic devices

*Make an intention to relax and allow the healing space for your highest good.

Session notes



You’ll receive session notes within 24 hours with information that may be related to your physical body, past life energy, current life issues and more.

Session notes will be in audio format

Each session is unique

*Quantum Energy Healing Session:


This is distant / remote healing where we ‘meet’ in the quantum space of higher vibrational consciousness and potentiality.

I use a combination of all energy modalities that I practice during the healing session so that you have access to the highest vibration of healing possible.


*Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Sessions (AQE)


These healing sessions work on the same principle as Quantum Energy Healing sessions above (QEH)

Staying true to the teachings and training as an AQE Facilitator, when I work within the AQE healing space I use only those techniques associated with AQE as created and taught by A.L Garris.


Book a QEH or AQE Healing Session (60 Minutes)

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