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Welcome Beautiful Soul

As a Intuitive Energy Healer with over 27 years’ experience Sarah works with women who struggle with emotional trauma* leading to health issues that get in the way of leading a normal life.


Over the years, Sarah has trained with leaders in the fields of Energy Medicine and Holistic Healing methods., She has shared her specialist expertise by helping women regain their own health, inner harmony & balance.


Sarah has an intuitive natural talent for clearing and releasing unhealthy energy patterns manifesting in your physical body as symptoms, your energy body as disruptions in your aura and bio-energetic fields, in the mind as limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviour & soul essence.


Emotional healing is at the core of her work and Sarah has helped many women to breakthrough limiting patterns and release trauma that has held them back in their personal or professional life.


Unresolved Trauma* experienced through the Ancestral line, Conception, Gestation, Early Childhood and life experiences can be rooted out and released allowing your true spirit essence to shine through from a new space of empowerment and forgiveness.


Sarah truly believes that women of all ages can achieve anything when every aspect of us – our mind, body and spirit are fully aligned, integrated & in balanced awareness.


Sarah works with women who are looking for a natural, holistic approach to releasing physical, mental or emotional trauma* that primarily shows up as symptoms, or ailments in their physical body.

You’ll find that it’s a very powerful and empowering experience when collaborating with an Intuitive Energy Healer.

For women who feel the call to follow their inner voice to liberate and live from their authentic self. Sarah invites you to join her as she holds sacred space for your healing to begin


*Definition of Trauma on this site:

An energetic emotional response to events experienced in current or past lifetimes and dimensions that have left unresolved energetic imprints or scars in your bio-energetic field, your physical body and consciousness.

1:1 In Person Session Update

My Calendar for 1:1 Personal Sessions is booked out for 2024 – Distance Healing Sessions are still available.

Distance Healing*



Distance healing in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you are available.

(1:1 personal sessions are booked out for the remainder of 2024)

More information

Energy Alignment | Healing*

(Individual Sessions in Person)


energy healing for chakra balancing

Acasma Quantum Energy Healing

60 minutes

shamanic healing

Shamanic Energy Healing

1 Hour

energy healing for subtle body health

Subtle Body Energy Cleanse

30 minutes

energy healing with reiki

Relax with Reiki

1 hour

Health kinesiology for getting unstuck

Health Kinesiology

1 hour

energy healing for chronic pain

Chronic Pain

20 minutes


Energy Alignment | Healing*

(Life Issues in Person)


energy healing unexplained infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Sessions: 6 (1 hour each)

energy healing for confidence building

Claim your Confidence

Sessions: 3 (1 hour each)

Energy healing for money and abundance clarity

Money Magnet Mistress

Sessions: 2 (1 hour each)

energy healing for weight issues

Weight Issues

Sessions: 4 (1 hour each)

energy healing for clearing fears and phobias

Free your Fears & Phobias

Sessions 3 : (1 hour each)

energy healing for Food sensitivity

Food Sensitivity & Allergies

Sessions 3 : (1 hour each)