Embodied Alchemy

Welcome Beautiful Soul

Hello! I’m Sarah – Spiritual Guide and Health Coach.

My invitation… is a journey for the brave and bold and those looking for more out of life, those seeking to reconnect with their soul essence.

Whatever life has thrown at you – you are more than that – and I’m here to help you remember YOU – the divine spark being that you ARE – you are here to SHINE and share your gifts in this lifetime.

thank you for being here.


As a Spiritual Guide | Health Coach


I’ll help you clear out the shadows and stale energy that stops you from experiencing the freedom of being authentically you.

You know, I get it! we all get caught up in reliving our past or living in story replaying scenarios or experiences that have left us feeling less than. This is cathartic when we process healthily and move on, but if we find ourselves continually going over old ground then this is not healthy.

Break the chains, honour the process and move forward.

Did you know?, you already hold all the answers you are looking for, and we just need to shine a light on them together, unwrap the gift in the situation and walk forward in life from a new certainty and clarity.

Do you want to experience a vibrant, healthy, joyful life?

Will you allow yourself to be guided by your innate spark of wisdom and creativity?

Now is the time to be you again and start living a life you’ll fall in love with, that you’ll be bursting to share with the of the world.

All about Sarah

I’m a Spiritual Guide & Health Coach and for over 25 years it’s been my mission to help women uncover and embrace the gifts of their inner wisdom to heal from life’s ups, downs and everything in between.

I’ll help you to deeply reconnect with your inner voice of wisdom, to tap into the healing power that’s waiting to guide you into living your own empowered life full of health and vitality.

My healing journey began when I studied Reflexology, from that moment on I was hooked on learning how our body can heal itself given the right environment, with minimum medication if necessary.

More importantly, I also learned that when we are listening to the signals or messages that our body is sharing with us we heal faster.

AND listening carefully to those subtle clues is the key to unlocking tur health.

As my interest in holistic energy medicine grew, I attained a Reiki Master Degree, Health Kinesiology Practitioner, Shamanic Healer/ Guide and in 2023 became an (AQE) Acasma Quantum Energy Healing Facilitator (a new quantum healing modality created by A. L Garris) and I continue to expand my knowledge of energy alignment healing to bring the best to each session with my clients.


The real secret to Health

is not in reaching for something outside of ourselves to make us feel better (like a pain killer, food, relationships or alcohol), it’s in turning our attention inwards to ask our body what it innately needs to feel better and heal.

It’s my mission to guide you on how to do this with Energy Alignment | Healing.

Everything is Energy

Through my years of energy healing work with women common themes or issues that come up the most are deeply held subconscious beliefs or ways of behaving that whilst no longer serving you to your highest good, are difficult to let go of because you don’t always know what they are or how you took them on board in the first place!

What I do know is that thoughts/beliefs/emotions are Energy. In my experience when any thoughts, beliefs or emotions aren’t processed in a healthy way the unresolved energetic imbalance zaps your energy and you just don’t feel like you.

This can then often show up as repeating life situations, health issues, thoughts or belief patterns and these patterns can be healed and released.

Here to Spiritually Guide you!

Do you…

find yourself feeling out of sorts for no reason?

say things like this is ‘all in my head’

catch yourself saying ‘If only xyz would… then my life will be better’

avoid situations because they are too triggering / charged

give your time/love/values/needs away to others in order to please, feel needed or self worth?

So Let’s Do This!

Are you ready?

Can you feel it’s time for you to stand in and embrace your divine feminine power to re-create your life?

Did I hear you say YES?

Great! lets connect!

Distance Healing*



A popular choice if you prefer to receive distance healing in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you, these 1 hour appointments fill fast!

More information

Energy Alignment | Healing*

(Individual Sessions in Person)


energy healing for chakra balancing

Acasma Quantum Energy Healing

60 minutes

shamanic healing

Shamanic Energy Healing

1 Hour

energy healing for subtle body health

Subtle Body Energy Cleanse

30 minutes

energy healing with reiki

Relax with Reiki

1 hour

Health kinesiology for getting unstuck

Health Kinesiology

1 hour

energy healing for chronic pain

Chronic Pain

20 minutes


Energy Alignment | Healing*

(Life Issues in Person)


energy healing unexplained infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Sessions: 6 (1 hour each)

energy healing for confidence building

Claim your Confidence

Sessions: 3 (1 hour each)

Energy healing for money and abundance clarity

Money Magnet Mistress

Sessions: 2 (1 hour each)

energy healing for weight issues

Weight Issues

Sessions: 4 (1 hour each)

energy healing for clearing fears and phobias

Free your Fears & Phobias

Sessions 3 : (1 hour each)

energy healing for Food sensitivity

Food Sensitivity & Allergies

Sessions 3 : (1 hour each)