Life Issues

energy healing unexplained infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Sessions: 6 (1 hour each)

£1260 (Introductory offer)
energy healing for confidence building

Claim your Confidence

Sessions: 3 (1 hour each)

Energy healing for money and abundance clarity

Money Magnet Mistress

Sessions: 2 (1 hour each)

energy healing for weight issues

Weight Issues

Sessions: 4 (1 hour each)

energy healing for clearing fears and phobias

Free your Fears & Phobias

Sessions 3 : (1 hour each)

energy healing for Food sensitivity

Food Sensitivity & Allergies

Sessions 3 : (1 hour each)


FREE Discovery Call

I offer complimentary Discovery calls that give you the time to ask whatever questions you have about how we can work together.

Individual Sessions

energy healing for chakra balancing

Chakra Balancing

45 minutes

shamanic healing

Shamanic Energy Healing

1 Hour

energy healing for subtle body health

Subtle Body Energy Cleanse

30 minutes

energy healing with reiki

Relax with Reiki

1 hour

Health kinesiology for getting unstuck

Health Kinesiology

1 hour

energy healing for chronic pain

Chronic Pain

20 minutes


Chakra Essentials

How to tune in, sense and balance your chakras for personal empowerment & development

Reiki Self Healing

Learn the art of Reiki for healing yourself, friends, family and pets

Energy Medicine Basics

Learn the basics to get you started on your energy medicine journey


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