Top 10 Healing Crystals


Top 10 crystals for healing that can enhance your energies, spaces or dowsing practice by amplifying energy, increasing sensitivity, and providing additional insights.

As you start to connect with your crystals you’ll learn what qualities they have to share with you and how they can guide you and bring you into greater harmony and balance.

Top 10 Crystals - Quartz1. Clear Quartz:

Helpful for: Amplification, clarity, and enhancing intuition. Can be used for holding space, for dowsing or wearing to amplify your intentions and enhance your connection to energy.



2. Amethyst:

Helpful for: Spiritual insight, intuition, and calming energy.
Hold or wear an amethyst crystal to promote a clear connection with your intuition and higher guidance during dowsing or other energy work.


3. Selenite: Top 10 Crystals - Selenite

Helpful for: Purification and clearing energy blockages. Used to cleanse your energy before healing self or others and when dowsing, ensuring a clear and receptive state.



4. Rose Quartz:

Helpful for: Emotional balance and heart-centered guidance.
Rose quartz crystal is related to matters of the heart or emotional well-being.


5. Black Tourmaline:

Helpful for: Grounding and protection from negative energies.
Use black tourmaline to stay grounded and protected ensuring a balanced and secure experience.


6. Labradorite:

Helpful for: Enhancing psychic abilities and intuition.
Carry or wear labradorite to boost your intuitive senses and strengthen your connection to spiritual insights during energy work and dowsing.



7. Citrine:

Helpful for: Manifestation, clarity, and positivity.
Utilise Citrine to enhance positive energy and manifestation while dowsing or wearing for answers or guidance.



8. Lapis Lazuli:Top 10 Crystals for Healing - Lapis Lazuli

Helpful for: Spiritual insight, inner truth, and awareness.
Use lapis lazuli to access higher knowledge and connect with your inner truth during dowsing sessions.



9. Fluorite:

Helpful for: Mental clarity, focus, and spiritual awakening.
Hold fluorite to enhance mental clarity and focus during dowsing, promoting a deeper connection to your intuitive abilities.



10. Moonstone:Top 10 Crystals for Healing - Moonstone

Helpful for: Feminine energy, intuition, and emotional balance.
Incorporate moonstone to attune to feminine energies and enhance your emotional awareness.


When using crystals for dowsing, wearing or holding space it’s essential to cleanse and charge them regularly to maintain their energetic purity.

Additionally, choose crystals that resonate with you personally, as each individual may connect differently with various stones. Trust your intuition and explore which crystals enhance your living and dowsing experience.