Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing for women works on your luminous energy field, also known as your Aura.

Your Aura holds the energetic imprint of all the interactions and experiences in life you have ever had including with anyone else be they pleasant or not.

This underlying blueprint can hold the memory of such experiences whether they are resolved or unresolved.

It is this imprint that can be the source of discomfort we can feel from time to time that can then show up as energy mismatches or imbalances in your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Shamanic healers work with the idea that there is no good or bad energy just Hucha (heavy) or Sami (light) energies. As we are all beings of light sometimes our energy fields can become heavy from interactions with others, our own outmoded beliefs or thought patterns or from trauma anywhere along our personal & spiritual timelines.

A Shamanic session typically releases stuck/blocked/ stagnant energy from your energy field and replaces it with light.

Your chakras are cleansed and re-balanced and intrusive energies may be cut and lost soul parts found which then allows stress to be released and relaxation follow.

Typically, if you have not experienced Shamanic Healing previously a good place to start is with a Shamanic Energy Balance.

During our session together I check for energy blockages, make sure the chakras are in balance and I connect with the sacred elements & wisdom of our ancestors for any fine tuning and energetic alignment of body, mind and soul.

Energy Balance

Do you ever feel…

  • that your energy is constantly zapped?
  • that you just don’t feel like yourself, no matter what you do?
  • you intuitively know something doesn’t feel right but you just can’t put your finger on it?
  • do you just ‘feel out of sorts?.

This can be a sign that unawares to you, a situation or experience from your past or present is pulling energy away from you towards that past experience, reducing your personal power.

An energy balance is just the thing to

This is where some of the Deeper Shamanic Processes become appropriate when during a consultation, a Shamanic Energy Balance just won’t cut it!

Chakra Illumination

This is the body’s basic healing process for clearing and overwriting imprints in your energy field so that you are no longer influenced by them.

The luminous body contains imprints that can affect the chakras where they can become out of balance, be blocked, under energised or over energised.

Over time these imprints can cause dis-ease in any or all of the energy bodies that make up our energy field.

The illumination process releases stuck energy through the chakra system and the chakras are cleansed and rebalanced.

Ancestral lineage healing

Is spiritually-grounded, deep work that empowers you to connect, repair and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors.

This approach is an effective, securely held, ritual process which allows you to directly access the supportive guidance of your lineage ancestors and reclaim the gifts that are your birth-right.

Many of us are lost, disconnected and hungry for a sense of belonging after generations of the ongoing consequences from past emotional, physical or psychological wounding.

We carry these burdens within our families and our bodies – but we carry the blessings, as well. The lineage repair process opens a pathway to your roots to fuel the transformation of inherited burdens and the full embodiment of your gifts.

Soul Retrieval

Enables part of your vital essence that has separated or become dissociated from you to be found and reintegrated.

From the Shamanic perspective you have many soul parts, or essences of yourself and sometimes, and a soul part can leave in response to illness, trauma, betrayal, abuse, or any situation that is not safe.

Shamans journey into other realms to bring back soul parts, gifts, power animals and soul contracts in order to help you create a new way of approaching life – more resourced, balanced and empowered.

This process allows you to gain understanding and compassion and the resources to move forwards in your life.

Past Life Healing

If you have any past-life issues that echo in your energy field we can remove them in an Energy Healing session. I look at clearing Karmic debt, vows of suffering, poverty and chastity, fears around specific objects and or animals depending on what is needed. Each session is different and unique to the client and the situation.

Cutting Ties

If you feel that your energy is constantly zapped, you just don’t feel like yourself and can’t put your finger on why, it could be that a situation or experience from your past or present is sucking energy away from you and reducing your personal power.

Some situations that Cutting Ties can help with:

Accidents | Stress | Break-up | Challenging time | Sickness | Trauma | Divorce | Disagreement

Loss of a Loved one | Surgery | Moving House | Leaving a Job | Passing over

…and many more lifestyle issues