Health Kinesiology


Did you know that your body has an innate ability to monitor your health and correct imbalances which in turn nourishes a deeper connection with others and the natural world around you.

In a Kinesiology session we use the gentle technique of muscle testing to take you on a journey of discovery to restore your natural state of balance and optimal health.

Working with this bio-feedback technique allows us to bypass your conscious mind and to access your innate divine wisdom, sometimes referred to as your ‘higher self’.

Information revealed in relation to any problem or issue you wish to clear and the root causes of the difficulties are uncovered and more importantly, this same wisdom will reveal exactly what or how your body needs to do to let go of whatever is holding you back or keeping you stuck, so that you are free to create a new way of approaching life – with more clarity, balance and empowerment.

Why Muscle Test:

The human body records & remembers everything at a subconscious level and as a living organism each and every cell, muscle, tissue, organs and bones communicate with each other as a whole. It knows itself on a physical level & emotional level, via the chakra and meridian energy channels and also via the subtle energy bodies that emanate around us.

Muscle testing allows us to track any disruption or imbalance within these systems, tapping into energies that more conventional methods overlook.


In the 1970’s Jimmy Scott Ph.D., a Canadian psychologist, became fascinated by muscle testing and wondered how he could integrate this within his practice. Jimmy Scott’s main interest was to use Kinesiology in his work, primarily for its nutrition benefits. Over the next few years he started to develop new procedures and devised a system called Health Kinesiology™ and by 1981 his system integrated kinesiology, nutrition and psychology into one solution.

Jimmy Scott expanded on the basic principles of Kinesiology which come from Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology / Touch For Health, by basing his work on a solid, scientific understanding of the human electromagnetic energy system, psychology, and psychophysiology.

When we check muscle responses we are tuning in to this neurological system enabling us to tap into your body’s communication system to find any imbalances in your body and, more importantly, identify what your body needs to restore balance.

Health kinesiology works at the physical level of your body by connecting with your innate wisdom and higher self to bring all aspects of your being into into harmony and alignment with your highest purpose by balancing your whole energy system to facilitate the self healing processes in your body.

I use kinesiology to connect deeply with your energy pathways, helping you to overcome deep seated emotional, physical and energetic patterns which can manifest as aches and pains, frustration with life, lack of confidence, feeling ‘stuck’, fatigue and a lack of purpose.

At the heart of this approach is the understanding that you are more than the stories that you have built up around yourself or the life experiences contributing to who you are today. Not all of your past is helpful or supportive to where you find yourself now, and by releasing unwanted or unhelpful results of your life experiences (whatever they are), the body, mind and energy systems can replace old energy with new to gain a new zest for life and living.

Using gentle balancing techniques – guided by the innate wisdom of your own energy body – the inner powers of healing and desire for health can be supported to help restore balance on all levels of your being.

In turn this can raise your energy to it’s optimal level to help you start creating and living a life you love!