Imagine you could ask your body what it needs to stay healthy, or what next step you can take in fulfilling your dreams whether it be work, finances or relationships.

Your body holds the key to pointing you in the right direction of your true life purpose and together we can access that inner wisdom using energy medicine techniques designed to strip away any outmoded beliefs, limitations, fears & phobias or energetic blockages that keep you ‘stuck’, prevent you from moving forward in life or that just stand in the way of you and your dream life.

Are you ready for change? Not sure how to get started? Do you feel that it’s time to let go of ‘something’ that is no longer serving your highest good? A healing session with me could be just what’s needed to get you started on that road to clarity, harmony & balance.

Lover of all things NaturalSarah’s passion is helping people thrive in this lifetime by getting in touch with their inner essence and looking back through their present and past ancestral lives, releasing blockages that subconsciously sabotage their growth.

I started training in the holistic health field over 20 years ago and I could see back then that genuine lasting healing doesn’t come from pills and potions. Deep down I knew that there is a way we can learn to communicate with our bodies to get the answers we need in order to create healing instead of disease. From that point on-wards I set out to learn as much as I could about how our bodies function not just on the physical level but what makes the physical body become ill.

Our own energy fields have a direct link to our health, well-being, happiness and our feeling of connected-ness with our world we live in. I resonate so strongly with this idea that it led me on a path of learning everything I could (and I’m still learning!) about healing energy fields and pathways.

The blueprint for your health vibrates within all the energy centres of your body. Keeping them clear of blockages determines how you thrive and resist the modern day diseases so prevalent in our environment these days.

To stay healthy and live in harmony and balance, your emotional, mental (thoughts & beliefs) & spiritual (connection with nature, our ancestral lineage and mother earth) self has to be nurtured, respected and cared for, so that you can experience all that life has to offer without limitation – it’s your birthright!

Thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, beliefs are energy and even disease and symptoms are energy (out of alignment) and most importantly, energy is either free flowing or blocked and stagnant.

This is where I come in, as I am here to help you shine a light on whatever is getting in the way of you living your life, (not someone else’s version of your life for you!) Healing = Freedom

In healing sessions with me I like to get you to the heart of the matter quickly, which means we’ll be diving deep into the source of your current distress to bring your life force energy back into harmony and balance. Shadow work can produce liberating results and most importantly Freedom – from what ever is stopping you from being who you are (your core essence) and really want to be deep in your very soul. Would you like to shed the outmoded beliefs, thoughts & emotions that no longer serve the person you are becoming so that the real you shines through? that to me is real FREEDOM.

‘What I know for sure is that when your energy vibration is fully optimised and you combine it with tuning into and trusting your intuition, you can be an unstoppable force of limitless potential

Trusting your Choices

Subtle energy workers bring their own slant on the processes learnt from mentors and teachers. Combining this with life experiences and knowledge gained as we work with the energy we channel and clear for our clients leads you to feel more attracted to work with one particular practitioner over another – even if they are in the same town or neighbourhood and the reason for that takes us back to ‘Energy Alignment’

When you ‘connect’ with a Healing practitioner – your energy field is deciding whether they are the right one for you – subconsciously your energy field will be ‘checking out’ their energy field to see if you are a ‘right fit’, and if they have the energy tools to help you grow.

Believe it or not we all do this ‘energy scan’ throughout the day in all our encounters, when we get a feeling or sense that a situation feels off or you pick up good vibes when with a particular friend or in certain places. All of those sensations is your energy field reading your environment and surroundings and feeding back to you via your intuition and or gut feelings, so that you make the right decisions and choices for yourself and everything feels ‘just right’.

Even just reading this page now your energy field is subconsciously deciding whether you like the sound or feel of what I’m saying want to know more or want to leave! That’s how powerful and important healthy energy fields are; they are constantly energising our physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being for our Highest Good action in everything we do.


Are you out of alignment with your personal power?

When your vibration is low, blocked or stagnant you’ll find yourself repeating old patterns of behaviour, scenarios and situations, susceptible to ill health, like you’re going round in circles and nothing seems to be going right, sound familiar? Well we all get moments when our life gets temporarily knocked off balance then we recover, but if this happens to you most or all of the time or is the ‘norm’ then it’s a problem that needs addressing fast!

  1. If you can still feel the raw emotion of moments from your past that you just can’t let go of or resurface when under stress
  2. If you sense or feel that you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back but you really don’t know how to put it in words
  3. If you just feel stuck in life, afraid to move forward, make plans or confused on your life purpose
  4. If you feel generally ‘out of sorts’ most of the time
  5. That literally the life is just being sucked out of you – always low energy even though you sleep long hours
  6. You are getting symptomatic, in pain or discomfort on a daily or weekly basis
  7. You see familial patterns of behaviour or lives repeating out through generations in your family

How many resonate with you?

How to uncover Energy Zapping Blocks

if you want, grab a notebook & pen too!

  1. just close your eyes for a moment,
  2. take 3 deep slow breaths in and out
  3. (call in whatever angels, guardians, spirit ancestors or ascended beings you feel a connection with to assist you on this healing exercise)
  4. Start to notice where in your body you’re feeling any discomfort or unease
  5. can you name it?
  6. if it had anything to say to you, what would that be? if you’re not sure, ask your guide for help
  7. now picture whatever comes up for you being enveloped in a bubble of light (colour of your choosing) and this bubble is starting to heal this situation or issue allowing it to just float away to be transformed into pure light energy.
  8. Get a sense of how you feel now, having shone a light on this energy blockage that’s holding you back in some way, really embrace how this now feels for you, can you feel that something has shifted? or do things feel the same?
  9. Create for yourself a bubble of pure light to step into and ask for healing, and let this sensation fill your body and the space around you, rest in this feeling for a little while. Thank your helpers before leaving this healing space you’ve created
  10. Come back and open your eyes

Take your notebook and pen and just write down everything you felt and experienced in this sort exercise

Did you notice anything different about yourself?

How did it feel to be clearing unhelpful energy?

Imagine how you can feel by diving deeper into the root cause of energy imbalances and clearing them once and for all!



During consultations I use energy testing techniques in conjunction with my intuitive insights to help select the right healing for you. With a number of energy tools to choose from including Shamanic Energy Healing, Shamanic Reiki, Reiki Attunements, Health Kinesiology and Ancestral Lineage Healing we’ll be able to find the right one for you. It’s Energy Medicine for life’s stubborn little problems.

If you feel called to work with me, or even just to find out more about how I can help you, feel free to contact me

I really believe that Intention is Everything ~ when you set your thoughts on creating change, the universe and your inner wisdom will guide you on your next steps, all you need to do is follow the subtle signs and synchronicity that start to unfold when choosing to let go of an old way of being to allow a new you to emerge…

I love helping women like you achieve the highest vision of yourself by getting rid of negative patterns, symptoms or emotions that are keeping you stuck or that no longer serve you.

Can you imagine what it would be like moving forward in life feeling more empowered to create and live a life you love?

A variety of techniques are available from Health Kinesiology, Chiropractic techniques, Shamanic Healing Processes and more, to help you uncover the root cause of any problems by asking your body what healing process is the best one for you to clear the issue at the deepest level possible.

Our first meeting will be a little longer than follow up appointments and can take up 1 1/2 hours. This is the time for us to begin to get to know each other, for you to ask any questions you may have and, more importantly, for me to fully understand the issue/s that you bring and what you hope to achieve from our work together. Any work is carried out with you sitting or lying fully clothed on the healing couch in a space created to support the highest level of healing.

Follow up visits can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes all dependent on what your body is crying out to have healed.

You may also be given some techniques to use between sessions to help integrate any shifts that happen either during your session or afterwards.

I run mini workshops that take 2-3 hours of your time, so you learn the essentials, no fluff or filling time with non essential stuff or techniques you can easily hone at home – I call that homework.

Why do I do it like this? Well, the idea behind this is that not everyone can juggle taking out whole weekends from family or work commitments to attend workshops. It’s also a budget friendly way to learn something new for women who are considering a career change or may just feel the call to learn energy healing techniques for themselves because of personal health challenges.

Learning any form of energy healing processes is a personal journey and is as individual and unique as you are. You will go on to share your healing gift in your own special way. My way of teaching is to show you the nuts and bolts of the healing tools to give you a grounding in the fundamentals of each process so that you can be confident to channel the energy in a way that works best for you.