Find your happy place

Find your Happy Place it’s one of your super powers!


Finding your Happy Place is an invaluable resource that provides a sense of security and inner strength during moments of anxiety or uncertainty.

You’ll find your Happy Place can become an essential technique when you encounter yourself in situations when:

  • You receive shocking news
  • You are in an accident or close call
  • Being on the receiving end of verbal insults
  • You find yourself ‘stuck’ or procrastinating
  • You are stuck in negative self talk/thoughts
  • When doing shadow work
  • You just feel out of sorts or notice anxiety creeping in for no reason

Your Happy Place serves as a sanctuary, helping you navigate through minor challenges or providing solace until you can seek deeper help in more serious situations.

The Happy Place Technique


The Happy Place technique is a simple yet creative process, allowing you to build your ideal haven in your imagination – there are no limits!

  • Happy Places are created in your imagination. It can be a place you have visited in real time or something you imagine. It has to be a place you build that you feel completely safe in. Make it beautiful, inspiring, colourful, full of uplifting sounds and comfortable – the important thing here is that you make it whatever you want it to be as long as you make it yours.


  • Practice visualising your Happy Place so that you conjure up the emotional feelings of safety instantly. It should be as easy as switching channels on your tv. Just thinking about your happy place should instill a sense of calm and centredness, it should feel like you are at home in your own body.


  • By practicing visualizing your Happy Place, you can instantly summon feelings of tranquility, as though you are at home within yourself. Once you master these steps, accessing your Happy Place becomes effortless, no matter where you are physically. It serves as a reliable inner resource to maintain composure and balance, enabling you to face any adversity life throws your way.


So there you have it – in just 3 simple steps you can create your very own Happy Place!