Spring Equinox Goddess

Celebrate Spring Equinox


A great way to celebrate Spring Equinox is by inviting in the spring spirits! Calling in the spirit of Fire along with the elements of Air, Water and Earth in gratitude will bring an extra zing to your celebrations.

This seasonal change is a significant celebration in Celtic traditions. It symbolizes the renewal of life and the awakening of the earth after the dormancy of winter.

So, here are some Celtic practices to welcome the arrival of the spring spirits:

1. Bonfire Rituals:

Light a bonfire! – a central ritual during the spring equinox celebrations. Flames and fires purify and protect the community while also serving as beacons to attract the attention of the spirits. Gathering around the fire, people sing, dance, and make offerings to honour the changing seasons.

2. Offerings to Deities:

It’s also tradition to make offerings to gods and goddesses associated with spring and fertility, such as Lugh, Brigid, and Eostre. Such offerings can include food, flowers, or symbolic items representing the gifts of the earth. Place your offerings on altars (dedicate your own altars in the home or your garden) or sacred sites as gestures of gratitude and devotion.

3. Decorating with Spring Symbols:

Our homes and sacred spaces are adorned with symbols of spring, such as fresh flowers, greenery, and coloured eggs. These decorations symbolize fertility, growth, and the promise of new beginnings. We can make wreaths from spring flowers or branches and hang them on doors as a welcoming gesture to the spirits of the season.

4. Nature Walks and Offerings:

Taking walks in nature and making offerings to the land spirits is a common practice among the Celts. Offerings of food, water, or symbolic items (no plastics or items that harm the environment) can be left at natural features such as trees, rivers, and sacred groves as a way of honouring the spirits of the land and seeking their blessings for the coming season.

5. Feasting and Community Gatherings:

Sharing of food and drink with family and community members is also an integral part of spring equinox celebrations. Feasting together fosters a sense of unity and solidarity while also acknowledging the abundance of the earth’s bounty. Traditional foods associated with spring, are fresh greens, lamb, and eggs, and are often featured in festive meals.

6. Planting and Sowing Rituals:

Spring equinox marks the beginning of the planting and sowing season for agricultural communities. Rituals to bless the seeds and ensure a bountiful harvest can be as simple as just sharing your gratitude for the bounty the seed will bring. Participants ceremonially plant seeds in the earth while offering prayers for growth, fertility, and prosperity.

7. Crafting Brigid’s Crosses:

In some Celtic traditions, Brigid’s Crosses are woven from straw or rushes and hung in homes as protective talismans. The goddess Brigid is revered as a guardian of hearth and home. Making and displaying Brigid’s Crosses to celebrate spring equinox is believed to invite her blessings and protection.

These practices provide a tangible way for the Celts to connect with the spiritual essence of spring and invoke the blessings of the season. Today, many people continue to draw inspiration from these ancient traditions, adapting them to suit modern lifestyles while honouring the timeless wisdom of our ancestors.